Configure TFS connection for Visual Studio Release Management (InRelease)

Open Release Management Client and select Administration tab. Select Manage TFS.


Select New to add a new TFS Connection and specify the TFS Server.


Once all information is filled out, select ‘Verify’. A common error that occurs is the Access Denied error.

Access Denied: ReleaseUser needs the following permission(s) to perform this action: Make requests on behalf of others.

This error occurs if the user being used does not have the right permissions in TFS. To configure the permissions, a user or a windows group must be added to the Project Collection Administrators group and granted Make requests on behalf of others permission.

Add User or Windows Group to Project Collection Administrators.


Grant Make requests on behalf of others permission to the user or windows group.


Once above steps are completed, the connection can be verified and saved.

Sign Silverlight XAP with TFS Build

I have a Silverlight application that is set up for Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Server. As part of the build, I needed to sign the XAP with a certificate. To accomplish this I will be using a command line tool SignTool.exe. The tool is automatically installed with Visual Studio and it has to exist on the TFS Server.

Steps below walk through the setup process.

1) Check-in the certificate into TFS. This must be done so that the build server downloads it into the workspace.

2) Update the Post-build event on the Silverlight project

In Project Properties, select ‘Compile’ option, then select the ‘Build Events…’ button.


We will be modifying Post-build event command line.  Select the ‘Edit Post-build …’ button.


Enter the SignTool command to execute:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\bin\x86\SignTool.exe" sign /v /f
$(SolutionDir)\..\MyCert.pfx /p CertPassword $(TargetName).xap

Specify the path to the certificate relative to the solution directory so that it can be found during the Build.

3) Verify that your build definition is set up to download the certificate into its workspace.