Cassini Web Server

Cassini is a simple web server provided by Visual Studio.  I tried using it on several occasions, but it always resulted in a bad outcome.  I found that it works great for small simple projects, but once the complexity of your project grows Cassini doesn’t hold up.   As I develop, my application would randomly stop working with the  following error:

Type is not resolved for memeber ‘Member.Type, Library.Name,  Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’.

There are several solutions for this on the web, but the best way to fix this error is to set up your ASP.Net application in IIS. After setting up the site in IIS, change the properties of your website to use IIS.

Following are the steps to do this (for VS2008):

1.  Right click the website in the solution explorer and select ‘Property Pages’

2.  Select ‘Start Options’

VS2008 Webserver Property Pages

3.  Select ‘Use custom server’ and specify the ‘Base URL’

VS2008 Website Property Pages

In conlusion, I think that Cassini is a great alternative if you don’t have IIS. If IIS is available, set up your site in IIS and save yourself a headache!