Silverlight WebAqua – Unlicensed Version

We have been using a WebAqua Silverlight Navigation control in our application for several years.  Recently, after implementing a few changes to the application and deploying to our test server, we started seeing an “Unlicensed Version” message in the middle of the application.  Our version was licensed and had no issues until the most recent set of changes.

Over last few weeks I’ve been emailing WebAqua Tech Support and spent several hours on their Live Chat trying to resolve the issue without any success.  After all licensing attempts have failed, I went down the path of backtracking through our code, which led me to my solution.


The issue was caused by the levels of nesting.   To begin with, the FishEye control was nested 11 layers deep inside Border controls and Grids.  We have 10 Border controls with a Grid inside used for layout.  The issue came up when I added another layer of nesting by wrapping everything in a Grid to add a “Loading…” message that overlays the whole User Control.  This seems very odd, but the message went away after I removed the outer Grid.

I hope that this solution will come in handy for someone with a similar issue.